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何でも web で見れてしまう時代だからこそ紙に残したい。


2013 年からスタートし、お陰様で kearny は5 周年を迎えます。


そう思い 眼鏡を作り続け、 kearny を通じて様々な方とお会いすることができました。

お取組み頂いている店舗のイベントでお客様を接客させて頂く機会も多く、 kearny を何で知ったのかよくお聞きするのですが、

殆どの方が店頭で初めて知った、または webを通して知った、のどちらかでした。

その中で雑誌やカタログ、紙から kearny を知る事が非常に少なのが現状でした。



kearny という物や携わっている仲間をこの「本」を通じて広められ、時代が進んでも残せたら幸いです。

Nowadays so much information is consumed via the internet and we are forgetting about the beauty of books and paper literature. So I began the journey in creating this book with pure intentions to draw peoples focus back to the beauty of paper.

It began in 2013 and thanks to all of you, I am happy to announce that kearny will now celebrate it’s 5th anniversary.

I’ve been fascinated by vintage eye-wear and celluloid materials. Celluloid glasses are well manufactured and represent an era in Japan, yet sadly their presence is declining and I want to revive their presence.

When interacting with our customers during in-store events, we often ask them how they heard about kearny and they mostly answer that they knew about us through shops or online. But there were also a number of people who mentioned that they knew about kearny through magazines and catalogs.

I began my journey of working with paper after being heavily influenced by people who have left thoughts and images printed on paper and scattered throughout the past. The old book “Kosho” is a very important source of knowledge for me.

Nowadays, it is common practice to distribute content via the internet/paperless, however I am happy to spread kearny – showing our team and creations – through this book and keep it alive in this digital day and age.